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Gator Butt wallet

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This is the butt cut of the Cognac alligator I’ve been holding on to. With some aqua blue snake skin showing though. The gator butt is the most sought out pice of the Hyde. Many people use it as a centerpiece of a wallet. I wanted to have it right in the crease, like nice pair of Worn in jeans.
Blue stitching with matching blue flannel liner.
2-3oz black buffalo on the inside.
Hand polished edges, no edge paint!
4 card pockets, each pocket holds 1-2 cards comfortably.
The left interior pocket holds more cards & small objects like guitar picks or keys that will not be able fall out when the wallet is closed. The right flap holds folded bills nicely.
Open dimensions are approx 4.5” x 6.75”
Closed dimensions approximately 4.5” x 3.25”
100% hand stitched

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